The Regional Exhibition Exchange Network enhances vibrancy and well-being in regional WA communities by increasing access to diverse creative and cultural experiences

Facilitating an exhibition exchange

The process to facilitate exhibition exchanges through the Regional Exhibition Exchange Network is still in development.

The ‘exhibition exchange’ concept is not be a ‘touring’ model. While it complements the amazing work done by ART ON THE MOVE in touring exhibitions around the state, it in no way encroaches upon their unique and important role. The exchange network is about a direct ‘one-off’ relationship between an artist and a venue, or a venue and a venue.

During the development of the network it will be open to all members of the Creative Grid. Upon completion of the Connect to the Creative Grid project in June 2019 it is likely to become available only to GalleriesWest members.

Exhibition Agreements are currently in development for presentation of shows (including exhibitions where artworks are for sale, exhibitions where artworks are not for sale and a combination of the two, group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions).

The proposed system hinges upon one venue nominating an existing exhibition as suitable for presentation in other venues. It isn’t about artists pitching their exhibition concepts to galleries. It is about venues assessing factors such as flexibility of format, trans-portability, ease of display, relevance to a range of community demographics/interests/issues, professionalism or conviviality of the artist and determining which shows seem more suitable than others for ‘exchange’.


Fiona Sinclair

Project Coordinator

Connect to the Creative Grid Project

(An initiative of the Regional Arts Partnership Program)

0418 754 704

The development of the Regional Exhibition Exchange Network has been supported by Country Arts WA and the State Government of Western Australia through the Regional Arts Partnership Program