This project is currently in development through the ‘Connect to the Creative Grid’ Project as part of the Regional Arts Partnership Program.

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If you (as a representative of an organiation, as an artsworker, artist or gallery lover) are keen to contribute to the evolution of this network  please contact the Creative Grid Project Coordinator, Fiona Sinclair on



The Exhibition Link (working title only) vision is to increase community access to diverse creative and cultural experiences by developing a digital communication platform enabling public galleries to identify and connect to exhibitions that originate from outside their immediate community. This network will not only benefit residents, visitors and arts organisations across WA, it will also support artists to develop new audiences for their work, expanding their horizons conceptually and geographically.


Sometimes galleries (through no fault of their own) are left with a vacancy in their program where there is a last minute cancellation for a previously-scheduled exhibition or a period in the calendar that is just difficult to fill. An empty gallery benefits no one. So the challenge for the Creative Grid’s ‘Exhibition Link’ working group is how to develop a user-friendly low-to-no cost solution to this quandary.

Pilot Exhibitions

Faces of West Arthur

Curated by Caro Telfer

Developed by the Darkan Photography Club

WAFTA – Altered States exhibition at the Painted Tree Gallery, Northcliffe





Postcards From The Edge

Developed by Lynette Voevodin


The process to facilitate these exhibition exchanges is still in development.

We are clear that the ‘exhibition exchange’ idea, will not be a ‘touring’ model. While it complements the amazing work done by Art on the Move in touring exhibitions around the state, it in no way encroaches upon their unique and important role. The exchange concept is about a direct ‘one-off’ relationship between an artist and a venue, or a venue and a venue.

The exchange platform will be hosted on the GalleriesWest website. During development it will be open to all members of the Creative Grid. Upon completion of the Connect to the Creative Grid project in June 2019 it will become available only to GalleriesWest members.

It is currently proposed that participating venues could look through a ‘menu’ of exhibitions that other venues in the network have recommended as being potentially suitable for exchange. Future hosts could then contact the relevant artist/group directly to discuss details of presenting the exhibition in their community.

Exhibition Agreements are currently in development for presentation of shows (including exhibitions where artworks are for sale, exhibitions where artworks are not for sale and a combination of the two, group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions).

The proposed system hinges upon one venue nominating an existing exhibition as suitable for presentation in other venues. It isn’t about artists pitching their exhibition concepts to galleries. It is about venues assessing factors such as flexibility of format, trans-portability, ease of display, relevance to a range of community demographics/interests/issues, professionalism or conviviality of the artist and determining which shows seem more suitable than others for ‘exchange’.