Lead Organisation: Kimberley Arts Network

Dates: JUNE 14TH  (End date TBC)



Contact: Naomie Hatherley



The three local co-curators of the Kimberley Arts Network’s Broome version of The Alternative exhibition met in February to discuss their approach to the exhibition.

9 of the 11 artists met in early April at the Broome Historcial Museum’s, Sail Maker’s Shed to discuss ideas for their upcoming exhibition.

Naomie Hatherley says of the project thus far (8th April 2019):

“With such a rich, multicultural and layered history, Broome is replete with inspiration for the Alternative Archive, and the artists have an equally diverse and thought-provoking collection of works to respond to the brief:
From the contested land grab and fraught history of the Lacepede Islands to a traditional connection to Wolf Creek Crater country; dreaming stories to an homage to a beach with a feminine association, the exhibition will traverse a Kimberley landscape as broad as it is deeply layered, including family stories of black birding in the pearling industry; the burgeoning West Kimberley AFL Women’s league; the Dutch women and children refugees shot out of the sky over Roebuck Bay by Japanese fighters in 1942; the local expansion of the Catholic Church’s multicultural fellowship; a scaled snapshot of Broome’s pearling industry 100 years ago; and a photographic essay of scars.
Each artwork concept functions as a tantalising thread, inviting the viewer into further interest and excavation of local history and perspectives through a range of unique and creative representations.”

Local Curator: Naomie Hatherley, Chrissy Carter and Suzy French

Lead Curator: Anna Louise Richardson

Exhibition Photographers: Ben Houston (mentor), Kevin Smith (mentor) and Joanna Cyrupa (mentee)

Artists: Jerrillee Bretlag, Chrissy Carter, June Djiagween, Lachlan Fraser, Suzy French, Naomie Hatherley, Ben Houston, Berny Shepherd, Gary Smith, Rowena Strain.