Dog spikes

Dog spikes
found spikes, rusted material

The railway line Albany- Beverley in West Australia was opened 1 June 1889. The construction of the railway was significant for the development of economic activity in the region.

I am interested in form and work mostly in clay sculpture. If I am satisfied with
the form the process of developing concepts or stories starts.

These old spikes, so called dog spikes, used in railway construction, fascinate me.  Through the rusting process slowly disappearing they are reminiscent of the past.

This is an archive of old spikes from the railway line Albany- Beverley.  Collected and dug out around 385 km south of Beverley near the small town of Kendenup.
But it is also a work arranged into straightforward configuration and simply involves sorting and placing which brings us back to the concept of an archive. But rather having an archive about railways it is an alternative:  showing pieces which would otherwise never be there.



Photos: ACE Camera Club Albany