The Kitchen

Exhibited in: The Alternative Archive – Only Hospital For Miles Miles exhibition at the Lake Grace Regional Artspace

Media/Materials: various items used in the hospital kitchen

Dimensions: Variable

Artist Statement:

My interest stems from thinking of the difficulties the staff of the Australian Inland Mission Hospitals endured in the early days. Apart from the hardworking nursing staff, the kitchen had to be up to scratch all the time as staff and patients needed to be fed and hot water would be required at any time.

There was a large cast iron kettle and an equally large boiler on the stove kept full at all times for whenever hot water was needed. I believe that when a poultice had to be heated; and regardless of a cake being already in the oven, the poultice was placed there as well; much to the dismay of the cook. There was only the wood stove for heating and that had to be kept alight throughout the night so the wood had to be kept near and dry. I suppose that was the orderly’s task.

Photograph: Rebecca Clark