The Alternative Archive – MIX

Susan AngwinTides of Time and Place

Kerrie Argent – Remnants of Existence

Lynley Campbell – I shop therefore…

Kate Campbell-Pope – Looking Inside (I see flowers)

Ann Copeman – Chronicle of a Gondwanan Songbird

Jenny Crisp – An Authentic Copy of a Dysfunctional
Mountain Community

Annette Davis – “Have a nice day”

Samantha Dennison – Flora

Kevin Draper – Small Corner of the State

Reneé Farrant – “Don’t look at the smallness of the seed –
look at how big the tree can be”

Indra Geidans – Overshadowed

Jillian Green – Lady Chapel

Nikki Green – Habitat

Anne Grotian – Dog Spikes

Robyn Lees – Petticoat Pioneer

Barbara Madden – Colour My Life

Serena McLauchlan – Fines

Rachel Mordy – Gendarme

Jill O’Meehan – Forever Filling My Pockets

Nat Rad – Hollow

Elizabeth Riley – Permutations

Margaret Sanders – Sand Archive

Sheryl Stephens – Balcony

Jo Wassell – My Story